See “White House” on sale (Washington DC)

White House on sale Cars Seen On Or

While Washington White House waiting for your new tenant Barack Obama, slightly smaller replica of Fred Milani in Atlanta waiting for a customer for 9.88 million dollars.

House of the American of Iran origin Fred Milani in the suburb of Atlanta, is a true replica residence of U.S. president from Pennsylvania Avenija in Washington, all with the famous oval room.

Imitation of about 1,500 square meters has 36 rooms, 11 bathrooms, 6 fireplace and replica of Lincoln’s bedroom and Truman’s balcony that overlooks the swimming pool and garden.

It is interesting that the owner of a large kitchen wall put posters of all previous president of the United States, including Obama Barack, which means 44 photos.

Milani (57), who live in it since 2001. year, almost as much as George Bush in the real, was forced to sell because it is due to the current world economic crisis and fell into a financial crisis.

White House on sale Cars Seen On Or

“I’m not want to sell it , but I have to.”

Asked what it said to build such a monumental villa, Milani said that that was not from any political reasons.

“I really have not much political mood. Architect one day asked me ‘What say you to build a White House’ and I said to him ‘why not’. This is the whole story,” said Milani.

On the question of where the intention to move after selling the house, Milan said: “Maybe in the replica building of the Congress, which intends to build across the street.”

Sean Gijai, agent in charge for the sale of “white house” says that the two interested parties, but led the tour, while the third will soon arrive from Dubai.

White House on sale Cars Seen On Or

“We assume that the person who could buy this house is not someone who wants complete privacy. This is the first of someone who wants the whole world knows that it is his,” said Gijai to “New York Times.”

The current owner of the customer profile is really not important and said that who bring 9.88 million dollars can take it freely.