Funny Demotivational Posters - Part 37

Another series of demotivational pictures, because pictures are funnier with captions! Have a good laugh and tell me what you think about them in the comments. All these posters are really funny and very demotivational. Just don’t get too distracted!

The World’s Coolest University Dorm

Tietgen Student Hall (Tietgenkollegiet) is a large circular dormitory with a massive interior courtyard in Copenhagen, Denmark. The building was completed in 2006 and was designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter.

he seven storey structure contains 360 rooms, comprising a total area of 288,000 sq. ft.

Samantha Wright: America's Prettiest Weightlifter

Meet the super cute blonde weightlifter Samantha Wright. This Pixie Warrior, as she is called, has created quite a stir online. She’s an elite level gymnast turned weightlifter, who coached USA Gymnastics for three years. She has recently qualified to compete at the national level in Olympic weightlifting, so maybe we’ll see her at the 2016 games!

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Danny McBride, James Van Der Beek, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Larry King, David Spade, Kristen Stewart, Matt Leblanc, Snooki, Matisyahu, and Justin Bieber read mean tweets about themselves for Jimmy Kimmel.

Ashton Kutcher On Set As Steve Jobs

What do you think? Does Ashton Kutcher look like young Steve Jobs? The movie "Jobs" will hit the big screen in 2013.

Babies Dressed As Food

Ever say “that baby looks so cute I could just eat him up?” Well, here are 30 pictures of babies dressed as food.

Extreme Daguerrotype Hair Styles 1850s - 1870s

When people think of bad hair, the ‘80s pop to mind but it looks like the mid to late 1800’s might have them beat according to this collection of shots from Retronaut.

We’re not sure we even want to think about kind of styling products were involved.

Germany's 2012 Hipster Olympics

Believe it or not there is an actual “Hipster Olympics” with actual events, such as “horn-rimmed glasses toss” and skinny jeans tog o’ war” held in Germany.

Attendees wait in line to enter the second annual Hipster Olympics.

Attendees sign up to compete.

Actors Who Pose Exactly The Same

Maybe these actors should try a little variety when it comes to posing for their movie covers.

Japanese Smart Trashbox

Japanese inventor Minokur posts a video of his latest invention: the "Smart Trashbox," a battery-operated trash can that uses XBox Kinect technology to track falling pieces of trash and move around the room to

Do Online Students Cheat More Often? [Infographic]

73% of online students admit to cheating (versus 56% for blended learning).
89% of college presidents believe the internet facilitates this behavior.
If you get a chance, please take a look at our infographic which also goes into more detail about what can be done to avoid cheating and plagiarism in online education.

Click on Image to Enlarge.

Possible Future Apple Products

With Apple always pushing the envelope with clean design, innovative tech decisions and strategic product launches, these are a few product campaigns that Apple could develop in the near future.




1890s Problems Meme

The 1890s poster girl is a very unhappy woman. Given the problems of her day, we're guessing most women in the 1890s were unhappy.

Check out our 20 favorites below, and if you want to see more or create your own, head on over to Quick Meme.

Japanese Robot Restaurant Attracts Customers with Giant Dancing Robots

At The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo they offer a unique brand of entertainment to their visitors. Giant robots with female torsos operated by girls in bikinis dance among the tables and put on a “sexy” show for the audience. It’s straight up creepy.

Fail Compilation July 2012. [VIDEO]

Here is a compilation of videos that will make you wince, laugh, shriek and cry... probably all at once.