Amazing F1 2010 – Game vs. Real Life

wow, and in combination with this simulator, is it more real than real?

Listen To Everyday Life in Afghanistan

A user experience researcher who works for Frog Design, British-born Jan Chipchase has the important job of understanding the way technology influences different cultures. His work has taken him around the world and has earned him a place right next to Steve Jobs in Forbes magazine's 2010 list of The Smartest People in Tech.

Aside from Japan, one of the most interesting and eye-opening places he's been to is Afghanistan. His goal was to look at the impact of mobile money services in that country. Along the way, Chipchase has taken some truly unique photos of everyday life in Afghanistan, giving us an inside look at this country's incredible culture.

Grain Laborer Unloading a Truck

Election Posters

Arabic Signs

Popular Male Photoshopped Portraiture

Bollywood Posters on Movie Theater Walls


Bank Note

Vendor of Boomboxes

Pills for Sale

Advertising Goods

Truckload of Cattle Skin

Grain Merchant

Outside a Vendor's Store

Shopping for Burqas

Roadside Filling Stations

Riding Rickshaws

Roadside Accident

Stencil Street Art

Soviet Tank Graveyard

Kabul Classroom

Customized Rifle

Pellets in Kabul's Gun Market

Do You Know, How to Make a Steampunk Keyboard

Jake von Slatt, proprietor of the Steampunk Workshop, made this magnificent keyboard from a 1989 IBM Model M keyboard, cut brass, and antique typewriter keys. He posted his build notes online so you can make one too.