Electric Daisy Carnival 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival is an annual electronic dance music festival held on the last weekend of June in Southern California from 1997 to 2010, and in Las Vegas in 2011. Attendees are commonly dressed in neon rave-like attires. The Las Vegas event lasted 3 days in 2011 attracting 70,000-75,000 people on Friday, 85,000 people on Saturday, and 80,000 people on Sunday making it the largest electronic dance festival outside Europe.

A Visit to an Arctic Ice Station

Two months ago, Reuters photographer Lucas Jackson was invited to the 2011 Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station, a temporary camp built out of plywood on Arctic sea ice. Far north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the camp housed a couple dozen members of the British, Canadian, and U.S. navies and employees of the Applied Physics Laboratory. Jackson spent two days at the camp, watching its residents conduct tests on underwater and under-ice communications and sonar technologies. He kept his camera equipment warm and functional with chemical hand warmers whenever possible. Collected here are some chilly images from Jackson's trip to the far north last March.