Fail Compilation Feb - 2011

Too many ouching moments here…

Millions of Dead Fish at King Harbor in Redondo Beach

Millions of sardines created a massive stink and an even bigger cleanup effort in Redondo Beach's King Harbor Marina on Tuesday after they swam inside overnight, became trapped and died.

Authorities with the California Department of Fish and Game, along with other ocean biologists at the scene, declared the mass death a natural event. The fish, they said, sucked every drop of oxygen from the water and couldn't breathe.

Snake Catcher vs Snake

A snake catcher caught a snake, put it in his back but the snake just didn't want to let it go. It attacked the man. I hope the guy is ok.

Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Office Notes

After reading these notes to anonymous troublemakers -and every office has one or two of those types- I realize how glad I am to work from home, despite the relatively minor annoyances. At least now when someone steals my lunch, its someone I have to feed anyway. See 38 more of these notes that you will probably relate to.