Willow The Cat Reunited With Family After 5 Years

Five years after she went missing from her Colorado home, Willow the cat has been reunited with her owners in New York City. How the calico cat ended up on a Manhattan street remains a mystery. But three children and their parents are certainly glad that she'll be headed home with them.

Willow disappeared when a contractor left the front door ajar during a home renovation project five years ago. The family sent out frantic online messages and put up posters around their home in Broomfield. But when Willow didn't return, they assumed the petite 2-year-old had been eaten by a coyote.

But it turns out Willow was never on the menu. On Sept. 14, a man brought her to Animal Care & Control in New York, saying he had found her on East 20th Street. A quick scan identified a microchip implanted when she was a kitten. The chip contained a code linked to a database of owner information. Despite moving from Broomfield to Boulder, the Squires had updated their information, making it easy for authorities to contact them.

Stormtrooper Cosplay

Star Wars fans will love these people who are wearing amazing stormtrooper costumes. Some of them are weirder than others but they are all incredible.

Pink Gentleman Trooper

Peace Trooper

Zombie Trooper

Easter Bunny Trooper

Rockstar Trooper

Mario Trooper

Hip-Hop Trooper

Troll Trooper

American Red Cross Stormtrooper

Burger King Trooper

Three Musketeer Troopers

Santa Trooper


Sherlock Holmes and Pancho Villa Stormtrooper

Elvis Trooper

Batman Trooper Kid

Borat Trooper

Couple Trooper

Family Man Trooper

Disco Trooper

The Burning House: What Would You Save from Your Burning House?

If your house was burning and you only had a few minutes to gather up a few things to save from the fire, which of your possessions would you choose? The Burning House is a neat photo project by Foster Huntington that asks this question, with photographs submitted by various people showing their most valuable possessions neatly arranged.

It’s true that what makes the project interesting isn’t necessarily the objects themselves, though some of the arrangements pictured are beautiful in their own right. What makes the photos so fascinating is the guessing game that we play in trying to piece together the personalities behind the choices. An artist might choose a favorite painting while a designer might be sure to pick a certain dress. Chris Adamiak, a maintenance worker in Ontario, Canada, selects a utility knife and work boots.