Best of the Vindictive Girls Meme

This Vindictive Girls meme is about the lies that women tell, if not to keep the peace, but to make you feel better and sometimes, for nefarious purposes. So, in all its what-girls-say-behind-your-back glory, here's the best of the Vindictive Girls meme.

Brutal Knitting

Tracy Widdess custom knitted "Brutal Knitting" masks are inspired by "creepy sci-fi and horror." That’s like Vicious Crochet, or Homicidal Cupcakes. Terrifying, yet adorable. More masks after the jump.

Guy Goes For A Stroll In Baseball-Sized Hail Storm

Some crazy guy was caught on video walking in the baseball size hail storm in Woodward, Oklahoma on Monday. Even the deer knows better!