Dogs Eating Pizza

There are boatloads of dogs out there who love to eat pizza, and we have the photographic proof, as you shall see below. Enjoy, but be sternly warned: You should not actually feed your dog or cat pizza as it can lead to diabetes and blindness.

Fail Compilation March 2012

Another awesome fail compilation for the month of March.

Keith Apicary Auditions For Kimberly Cole Music Video

Internet weirdo Nathan J. Barnatt, aka Keith Apicary, shows off his dance moves for Kimberly Cole music video "U Make Me Wanna" audition. The fact that he brought a NES Power Glove and Virtual Boy to the audition is a complete WIN.

Birds Talking Together & Kissing

At ‘Birds of Eden‘ bird sanctuary in South Africa, an Indian Ringneck Parakeet and an Alexandrine Parakeet are talking together, and also making out. Plus you have a woman laughing hysterically!

Is An MBA Worth It? [Infographic]

Deciding whether to get an MBA can be a tough decision. On one hand, business school is a big investment of time and money. On the other, an MBA opens doors to new job opportunities and increased earning potential.

So, how do you know if an MBA is right for you?

Like any good businessperson, you need to look at facts and figures. Check out this infographic for key stats on business school’s potential ROI. Compare lifetime earnings for people with MBAs and those without, learn about the pros and cons of Executive MBA programs, and check out reasons other aspiring b-school students cited for going back to school.
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Worth of an MBA 

Marauder Armored Vehicle Featured in Top Gear

Top Gear episode 1 of season 17 aired on the BBC featuring a high-mobility armoured personnel carrier called the Marauder.

Claimed to be the "world’s most unstoppable vehicle" the Marauder can provide protection against mines, IEDs and ballistic attack. It can also carry up to 10 fully armed troops and can be configured in a number of variants depending on the role.

Designed and built by the Paramount Group of South Africa, Top Gear sent co-host Richard Hammond there to put the Marauder through a series of extreme challenges. Without breaking a sweat, the Marauder flattened cars, smashed through brick walls and fended off attacks by hungry lions in the South African bush. As a finale, a Marauder and a Hummer were blown up in explosions simulating the roadside bombs faced daily in conflict zones. The Hummer was totally destroyed, but the Marauder was barely damaged and drove away. Weighing around 15 tons, the Marauder can carry 3 tons, hit a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

Living in New York City: Expectations Vs Reality

Most people who want to move to NYC have this big impression that life here is filled with plenty of opportunities, glamour, and celebrities who are just dying to hang out with you in night clubs. While some of this can be true, most of the time, your expectations are nothing like the reality of actual city life. This hilarious visualization taken from Buzzfeed features a collection of expectations vs reality. From your future apartment to your career, hit the thumbs to check out this humorous look at the real NYC.