The Funniest YouTube Comments of 2012

People love wasting time on YouTube watching pointless videos, but the real fun is in the comments section. Presented below is a collection of the funniest youtube comments of the year.

Amazing Christmas Lights

One of the best parts about the holiday season is all the great Christmas lights displays. We’ve put together a list of the most amazing Christmas displays.

End Of The World Prank! (Video)

The Mayan apocalypse sure was a miss, but this prank on the streets of South Florida was a hit after the guys from VitalyzdTv convinced several people that the end of the world is near.

Female Flight Attendants Having Fun

Female flight attendants posing and having fun.

Guys Plotting to Castrate and Kill Justin Bieber Arrested

A convicted killer serving two life sentences in New Mexico recruited a fellow inmate to help him castrate and murder the singer.

Dana Martin recruited former fellow inmate Mark Staake and Staake's nephew Tanner Ruane to murder Justin Bieber.

The plan was to castrate and murder the popstar during his Madison Square Garden concert in New York City last month.

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review [Video]

How did the world search in 2012? Google Zeitgeist puts together an uplifting and telling video about the most searched subjects in the world for the year 2012.

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review [Video]

How did the world search in 2012? Google Zeitgeist puts together an uplifting and telling video about the most searched subjects in the world for the year 2012.

What is the Fiscal Cliff? [Infographic]

The "Fiscal Cliff" has been all over the news lately, but what is the Fiscal Cliff, anyways? Find out just what makes up a Fiscal Cliff and how it affects you in this infographic.

How Branded Shoes are Made in India

Be surprised, be very surprised.

Only in Russia - V 4

These pics capture a side of Russia few outside the country ever get to see, and each image has an interesting story to tell. Russia is a very strange place.

25 Unusual Airport Toilets

Airport toilets are often the first (and last) glimpse we get of a destination, so it’s a shame that they’re often quite bland. Here’s a collection of conveniences that buck that trend, from the beautiful to the bizarre.

Bird’s Eye Loo

Tulips from Amsterdam

Click to learn more... Mistletoe Kissing Prank [Video]

YouTube user “Stuart Edge” wondered if the tradition of the mistletoe was still alive. In the middle of their “survey” at BYU, mistletoe appeared above the unsuspecting students.

Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

A look at some of the biggest divorce settlements that famous spouses had to pay.

Dark Knight Trilogy Behind the Scenes

Behind-The-Scenes Pics Of Dark Knight Trilogy. Damn, that`s a lot of green screen. Nice facial make-up though.

Dragon House | Illusion Of Choice | Dubstep [Video]

We can’t get enough of Marquese Scott’s incredible dubstep moves, but this time, he’s in the company of Atlanta’s Dragon House dance group as they go for anything but your typical walk in the park.

The House in the Middle of a Motorway

AN ELDERLY Chinese couple refused to leave their home after local officials ordered it demolished for a new highway, claiming the compensation would not be enough for them to rebuild. Now the building stands in the middle of the road and the car drivers have to drive around it.

Dr. Seuss House in Alaska

Dr. Seuss House is located in Willow, Alaska, in the United States. The “Dr. Seuss” house has about 12 stories, it was built and left unfinished for the almost 10 years, and just recently (2012) was finished. The house was dubbed with the name “Dr. Seuss” house by the local people of Willow, and as you can see on the photos below, it makes perfect sense. For more information about Willow visit Wikipedia - Willow, Alaska.

Celebs Who Have Aged Really Well

Amazing things happen in our lives. These celebs really look great, regardless of their age...

Crazy Buildings in China

In this gallery there are public buildings, Chinese private companies buildings and also copycat of famous western architectural designs.

The Hobbit: Behind the Scenes

Peter Jackson has once again released a fantastic behind the scenes look of The Hobbit production. This release features the beautiful landscape of New Zealand, as well as many of the Dwarves.