London At Night.........
Renowned aerial photographer Jason Hawkes has spent the last year capturing the British capital from 1,000 feet above the ground for his new book, "London At Night"
"All my work is done from a twin engine helicopter flying between 800 to 1500 feet above the ground," said the 42-year-old from London. "The door is opened and I am strapped into a harness and I begin taking my pictures.
Aside from the aesthetic qualities of Jason's pictures, the practical applications are quite varied. "Architects and virtual planners value night photographs above day in their visualisation of sky-scrapers at the early design stage," says Jason
The BT Tower, previously known as the Post Office Tower. The rotating restaurant at the top of the tower is due to reopen in time for the 2012 London Olympics
The glass roof of the Great Court at the British Museum, designed by Foster and Partners
Trafalgar Square, with Nelson's Column in the foreground and South Africa House behind
Harrod's in Knightsbridge
he Albert Bridge, illuminated with thousands of light bulbs
Buckingham Palace and St James's Park
Oxford Circus, with its new Tokyo-style diagonal pedestrian crossings
Piccadilly Circus illuminated by its giant neon signs
Looking west over the Houses of Parliament
St Paul's Cathedral and the City of London
Tower Bridge and the City at dusk
Set for general release next week, London At Night

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