Mass Production of Olympic Champions in China

China is one of the top countries today when it comes to sports records. Chinese team is currently on the first place in London Olympics standings. But the golden medals of Chinese sportsmen are achieved through painstaking trainings that start in the early childhood. Is the Olympic success worth the children’s tears? It’s up to you to decide.

U.S. Olympic Team Tribute To Muhammad Ali [Video]

Watch this exclusive tribute by Steve Porter for Muhammad Ali - the special guest of Team USA's 2012 Benefit Gala hosted at USA House the night before the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

Funny Demotivational Posters - Part 38

Another series of demotivational pictures, because pictures are funnier with captions! Have a good laugh and tell me what you think about them in the comments.

The Kitty Knight Rises And Kitty Of Steel

Cat blogger Sweet Furr decided to dress her cats Cooper and Pancake up as the caped crusaders. I would watch this movie.
As feline fans of the cape crusaders, Cooper and Pancake have thought about becoming superhero symbols themselves last Halloween. Surely, they could use their superpower of utter cuteness to fight crime. It's just too bad that they couldn't find magical glasses or masks to conceal their true identities. So they decided to hang up their capes, sit back and enjoy the true Dark Knight rise along with the up and coming Man of Steel.

People With Most Memorable Names In The 2012 London Olympics

These athletes not only have the honor of participating in this year’s games but they have the funniest, most interesting, and coolest sounding names too.

Yoo Suk Kim

The worst part of being Yoo-Suk Kim is when people want to cheer for you.

Destinee Hooker

Jack Buttland

Dong Dong

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Altering your body through plastic surgery can be a very risky endeavor, but most of all it can be extremely embarrassing.