Oil Painting or a Photograph ??

Well, this may look like a painting at first glance but you’ll very surprised to know that its a photograph of a real woman captured with Canon EOS 50D.

University of Hawaii professor Peter Kun Frary was walking past a cosmetic store where saw a model in full body paint posing against a set. That’s where he shot these awesome pictures using his Canon DSLR.

The picture is served to you straight from the digital camera without any kind of editing

First Lahore Fashion Week Snaps

The first Lahore Fashion Week kicked off on Feb. 16, 2010.

Models present the creation during the first Lahore Fashion Week.

Valentines Day Special Greetings Cards

Valentine day 2010 will be celebrated on Sunday 14 Feb 2010, it’s celebrated every year around the World.

Valentine's Day is a day for love expressions, feelings and emotions among couples. Make your valentines day memorable and romantic by confessing your love feelings for your beloved. Send these cute and heartfelt Valentine's Day cards to your dear Valentine.