Self-Service Bicycle Vending Machine

Cycling becomes increasingly popular in big metropolitan centers around the globe. That is perhaps the reason why new services for bicyle riders start to become interesting business concepts. Bike Fixtation is a DIY bicycle repair station recently launched to serve stranded bicycle riders in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.

The place offers all equipment needed to get unlucky bicycle riders back on the track. You can buy a tube or patch kit, pump your tires for free, and make simple adjustments using supplied tools. Bike Fixtation is open for 365 days a year from six in the morning to midnight.

Harry Potter Stars At The First Movie Premiere And The Last

Buzzfeed published a post today that captures the cast of Harry Potter at their first premiere and their last premiere to show just how much the stars have grown up. Not only have they gone through puberty (as expected,) but they’ve also developed a better sense of style. Thank goodness. Why is Rupert Grint wearing jeans to his first premiere? What a rookie.

Daniel Radcliffe

Here's wee little Daniel Radcliffe at the London premiere of the Philosopher's Stone. Look how giddy he is!

And here he is at the London Premiere for Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Rupert Grint

Philosopher's Stone London Premiere

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

Emma Watson

Philosopher's Stone London Premiere

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

The Trio with J.K. Rowlin

James and Oliver Phelps

Philosopher's Stone London Premiere

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

Tom Felton

Philosopher's Stone London Premiere

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

Matthew Lewis

Philosopher's Stone London Premiere

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

Bonnie Wright

Bonnie wasn't at the Sorcerer's Stone premiere in London, but her first premiere was for Chamber of Secrets.

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

Evanna Lynch

Evanna didn't join the cast until Order Of The Phoenix (2007), but her transformation is still amazing too.

Deathly Hallows London Premiere

Shocking Illusion: Pretty Girls Turn Ugly

It`s a new scientific finding called the Flashed Face Distortion Effect. If you know how it works, let us know.

Miss USA: Then and Now

Photographer Susan Anderson made some awesome portraits of former beauty queens of the United States of America ranging from year 2010 to year 1953.

"Miss USA 2011" Alyssa Campanella

"Miss Universe 2011"

Susan Anderson

Rima Fakih, 25 - Miss USA 2010

Kristen Dalton, 24 - Miss USA 2009

Rachel Smith, 26 - Miss USA 2007

Chelsea Cooley, 27 - Miss USA 2005

Shandi Fennessey, 33 - Miss USA 2004

Kandace Krueger, 35 - Miss USA 2001

Kimberly Pressler, 34 - Miss USA 1999

Brook Lee, 40 - Miss USA 1997

Brandi Sherwood, 37 - Miss USA 1997

Shanna Lynn Moakler, 36 - Miss USA 1995

Kenya Moore, 40 - Miss USA 1993

Shannon Marketic, 40 - Miss USA 1992

Carole (Gist) Stramler, 42 - Miss USA 1990

Gretchen Polhemus, 46 - Miss USA 1989

Julie Lynne Hayek, 50 - Miss USA 1983

Terri (Utley) Amos-Britt, 49 - Miss USA 1982

Jineane (Ford) King, 50 - Miss USA 1980

Anderson Harrison, 52 - Miss USA 1978

Kimberly Tomes, 55 - Miss USA 1977

Barbara (Peterson) Burwell, 57 - Miss USA 1976

Karen (Morrison) Comstock, 55 - Miss USA 1974

Tanya (Wilson) Condello, 61 - Miss USA 1972

Wendy (Dascomb) Bryan, 61 - Miss USA 1969

Sylvia (Hitchcock) Carson, 65 - Miss USA 1967

Sue (Downey) Olsen, 66 - Miss USA 1965

Bobbi (Johnson) Kauffman, 66 - Miss USA 1964

Marite Ozers, 67 - Miss USA 1963

Terry Lynn (Huntingdon) Tydings, 71 - Miss USA 1959

Miriam (Stevenson) Breckenridge, 78 - Miss USA 1954

Myrna Hansen, 75 years - Miss USA 1953