(Video) My Little Piece of Privacy

My robotic curtain protects me from nosey looks of pedestrians passing by. An interesting project by Niklas Roy, here to his homepage for schematics, codes and infos.

Vintage Color Pictures of New York City

The exceptional Charles W. Cushman Collection shows New York in 1941 and 1960 and it looks great, even in some gaudy "pulp-ish" color scheme:

It is also fascinating to compare the skyline of the yesteryear with modern "commercial jungle" landscape:

See, Darth Vader’s Hawaiian Vacation

Even the Dark Side takes a break every now and then, and Darth Vader’s choice of getaway is Hawai’i! Jill Ulander caught a series of photographs of the Dark Lord kicking back on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Twenty Strange Vintage Products

Today we're going to take a look back at a few vintage products from the pre-internet era which were too unusual to survive in the today's competitive environment.

1. Toothache Drops

2. Doll With Free 10-Day Trial

3.Vibra Finger

4. Cook and Wash on Your Refrigerator!

5. Fly Pistol

6. Hangover Heaven

7. Cigarette Case

8. Perfume Bottles for Humming-bird Taming

9. Cube Lube

10. Multiple Electric Scalp Massager

11.Injectable Poppy Juice

12. The Name of The Game is..

13.Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

14. Macho – It’s B-a-a-a-d

15. Bradley Group Showers

16. Solar Bath Apparatus

17. What Time Is It?

18. Sanitized Tape Worms

19. Horse Exercise at Home

20. Sun Bath Helmet