Most Biggest Football Miss in History - Qatar vs Uzbekistan

In the game vs. Uzbekistan, the Qatar’s 18 year old striker made probably one of the most incredible miss of goal ever.

Invisible Airbag Helmet For Bicycle

All these people are wearing a helmet but you would never notice it if I didn't tell you about it. The airbag is shaped like a hood that surrounds your head. The gas inflater that inflates the airbag is placed in a holder in the collar on the bicyclist's back. The airbag is deployed by sensors – accelerometers and gyros – that pick up a bicyclist's abnormal movements in the event of an accident.

Only In Japan - Second Part

Another selection of funny and weird things that happen in Japan.

Check Out Steve Jobs Households

Here’s house in Palo Alto where he lives with his wife and their three children.

He bought it right after his marriage in the 90’s and since resides there. Judging by the photos, there’s not any special luxury there like other celebs or rich people may have. The house is in the British country style that doesn’t really resemble a house of a high-tech/media mogul.

On the screen you can see the picture of his son Reed.

Steve Jobs also has a mansion in Woodside where he lived in the latter part of the 1980s.

He always planned on raze it down and build a new house, a more contemporary styled one, but the local communities, dedicated to saving the historic residence, were opposed to it all this time. But in March of 2010 Jobs finally was granted the right by a California court to demolish the mansion.

The mansion is called the Jackling House which is a historic mansion in Woodside, California, designed and built for copper mining magnate Daniel Cowan Jackling and his family by the noted California architect George Washington Smith in 1925.

After Jobs moved to his new house in Palo Alto, he leased the mansion out for several years until 2000 when he stopped maintaining the house, with the elements degrading it.