The Woman Who Eats Sofas

Mother of five Adele Edwards from Florida has the world's weirdest addiction - she can’t stop herself from eating sofas. She has been diagnosed with a rare disorder called Pica after seeking medical help for her addiction to eating sofas. Adele has been eating the foam for 21 years. She said that for the first time she tasted foam when she was 10 years old. For the last few years she had eaten the foam from 7 sofas. Doctors can’t help to avoid her from this strange addiction.

Celebrity Match Game

Besides jerks and communists, who doesn't like a good old fashioned game of “If They Mated”?

Fake Movie Extras

Looks like blow-up dolls have legitimate career options. When movie budgets don't allow for 800 extras in your group long shot scene, it's time to break out these unsung heroes.

How To Fool Traffic Jam - The Russian Style

Captured on Russian road.

Hobbiton - The Hobbit Village from Lord of the Rings

After filming the 3rd installment of Lord of the Rings, the New Zealand government planned to make Hobbiton into a tourist attraction. Instead, the shire was discovered by sheep who inhabit the place today. Kinda sad because it looks like it could be a very cool place to visit.