Awesome Kitten Massage Therapy

Nothing hits the spot like a kitten masseuse! These two are named Chloe and Bugsy, filmed when they were orphans at the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).

Most Sexy Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are so much better in real life than in movies. They are not only gorgeous but they are also incredible sexy.

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Want to Know The Facts About Text Messaging

With more and more people text messaging, it’s not wonder phone usage to make a voice call has been on the decline. When someone picks up their phone it’s far more likely they are going to text rather than make a call. And because of this, we’ve grown accustomed to a whole new language text messaging has created. Here are some more facts about text messaging.

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Awkward Family Pictures with Pets

A new collection of funny family photos. Many of us do have some awkward photos in family albums but nothing beats these ones with pets.