25 Rare Flavors of Pepsi Around the World

When we think of a refreshing flavor of beverage, one of the first things that comes to our minds is PEPSI. But not in these flavors that’s for sure. We found a list of 30 other Pepsi flavors available around the world and they're strange. There's ice cream flavored Pepsi in Russia, apple-flavored Pepsi in Poland,hot cinnamon and cool mint flavors in places like Guam and Thailand, and cucumber-flavored and strawberry milk-flavored in Japan.

Ice Cream (Russia)

Pepsi Cappuccino (Russia and Romania)

Pepsi Summer Chill - Apple Soda (Poland)

Pepsi Twist Mojito (Italy)

Pepsi Vanilla (Canada, US)

Pepsi Gold - White Sapote Flavor (Japan, Germany, Finland and Central Europe)

Fire (Hot Cinnamon) and Ice (Cool Mint) Pepsi (Guam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines)

Pepsi Jazz (USA)

Pepsi White - Yogurt Flavored (Japan)

Azuki Sweet Bean Pepsi (Japan)

Pepsi Blue Hawaii - Pineapple Lemon Flavored (Japan)

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Pepsi Red - Spicy Ginger (Japan)

Pepsi Shiso (Japan)

Pepsi Mont Blanc - Based on a French Chestnut Dessert (Japan)

Pepsi Pink - Strawberry Milk Flavor (Japan)

Pepsi Holiday - Cinnamon (USA and Canada)

Pepsi Baobab - Monkey Bread Fruit Flavor (Japan)

Pepsi Samba - Mango and Tamarind (Australia)

Crystal Pepsi (USA, Canada, Australia and select parts of Europe)

Pepsi Boom Sugar (Germany, Italy and Spain)

Pepsi Strawberry Burst

Pepsi Tropical Chill

Pepsi Twist - Lemon and lime flavor (UK)

Pepsi Carnival - Tropical Fruit-flavor (Japan)